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Since I was 8 years old I knew it 'I'm going to be a fashion designer'. My mom taught me to sew on our old sewing machine, and I quickly made skirts from the books in the store for my sister. I learned different kinds of techniques and by the time I went to secondary school, we started looking for a suitable school.

I ended up in a fashion art school where I learned so much more. That old sewing machine was traded in and I made new things every year. After I did a 7th year I was a bit lost. 'What now'. I wanted to continue with fashion, but I didn't really like the directions in college. After trying for six months in Ghent, I knew it was not for me, it lacked creativity. I registered with Lingeriemaker and learned a lot about how those little pieces of fabric eventually formed an underpants or bralette. I made a collection and knew it was my calling. And now ... 12 years later since I was 8... I'm a fashion designer. For my own small company.

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